Offer & Pricing

Get ready for some attractive offers on rides, restaurants, and pools! You can choose as per your preferences and budget!

Our water rides are a perfect trigger of adrenaline rush!

We have rides for people of all ages. So, no family member or friend will be disappointed who have come to chill out!

Raftaastic! Is suitable for all age groups, except for those with heart and blood pressure problems. You enjoy a thrilling wall time with vertical drops and snaky turns. It is perhaps the most loved Family Raft Ride.

Boomeranggo provides exclusive feelings of dropping down and going high suddenly. Go up and then pause only to come down to feel a punch of weightlessness.

Floatsa is a distinct route to do nothing for going with the normal water flow. Just put yourself onto a tube, activate the snooze mode, and calmly float down the sluggish river.

Loopy Woopy is where you will experience exhilaration with speed and sensations. It is a ride to feel be breathless while plunging through a big vertical drop into a looping slide of 360 degrees.


Dining with Us!

We offer a myriad of food and beverage options, including buffet restaurants and cocktail bars, serving a host of cuisines.

Our meals give you a chance to indulge in the spirit of classic street and local food. Buffets for those who live to eat, while forte restaurants for those who want to have something lip-smacking.



Add a refreshing punch to your chilling down experience!


Taste the world’s best recipes at your own pace!

7 Pools Only for You!

Come! Find out what made us to craft out not one, not two, not three but seven pools! Each pool has its own small legend to tell!

Whether a kid or an elderly, there is an exciting pool for everyone who come to us for relaxing and chilling.

Wacky Waves Is the eventual artificial wave pool generating waves as if you are in a sea. Unlike other wave pools, it generates higher waves every minute to give you a tsunamic feel. So, ready to face it?

The Pirate Bay consists of inner-tube slides with mild speeds but sheer slopes ending into shallower pools. Playful characters, water toys, and small slides simply add to your joy here.

Offer Price
Elderly $12 Buy tickets today
Kids below 10 $8 Buy tickets today
Kids below 7 $5 Buy tickets today
Teens $16 Buy tickets today
Couples $21 Buy tickets today